There have been some common questions about the PARTY airdrop to GOFURS holders so I thought I would type up a quick FAQ to answer them.

Q: Who is eligible for the airdrop?
A: GOFURS holders on both Ethereum and PulseChain at the time of the snapshot.

Q: Where can I buy GOFURS?
A: BuyGOFURS.com

Q: When will the snapshot happen?
A: Friday, February 16th sometime between 8pm-11pm PST

Q: When can I claim my airdrop?
A: After Pool Party launches: Sunday, February 18th. Time: TBD

Q: Will I get the airdrop if I have less than 1 GOFURS?
A: Yes.

Q: If I only have GOFURS on PulseChain, will I also get the PARTY airdrop on Ethereum?
A: Yes. We are treating it as if there are 20,000 GOFURS, 10k on each chain. Your percentage of the 20k units is your % of the 10M PARTY airdrop allocated. This equates to 500 PARTY per 1 GOFURS held.

Q: If I have GOFURS in a liquidity pool, will I get the airdrop?
A: We are doing our best to identify LPs for the airdrop for the major liquidity pools. You likely will not receive the airdrop if you have GOFURS in small liquidity pools.

Q: Will I need to claim my airdrop or will it show up in my wallet?
A: You will need to claim your PARTY airdrop.

Q: Where do I claim the PARTY airdrop?
A: You will claim on the Pool Party dapp. Link to the dapp will be shared at launch.

Q: Is there a deadline for claiming the airdrop?
A: No.

Q: Where can I learn more about PARTY?
A: Check out the Pool Party Docs. If you have any questions, join the Telegram.

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