$INC Chat &b Predictions

Over 50% of the first year’s Inflation is in, https://dexscreener.com/pulsechain/0x7dbeca4c74d01cd8782d4ef5c05c0769723fb0ea
New Lows have been found, but price decline is most definitely decelerating.
$0.50 INC mid winter followed by a slow increase of hearts law?
PulseX Farm control next summer?
Year 2 Inflation 50% of total supply.

technicals aside, randy hilaski said on stream his friend was making $350k a day inc at the start of PLS launch, those same people who send INC to where is now will be major resistance on the way up, something to think about before aping in, just fyi his friend was 10% of 9inch sac look at how that has worked out

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Does anyone know the tokenomics? I have heard there are halvings and I have also noticed a deceleration of supply. Does that increase when price rises, or will we see it continue dropping? It all looks pretty bad rn! LOL
$0.45 today, 9500pls