Richard Heart Quotes

What are some of your favorite Richard Heart quotes? What do they mean to you? Have they ever helped you or changed your perspective on something you were struggling with?
Share them with me here because I’d love to know!

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One of mine is deffinately
“You cant wake up someone pretending to be asleep.” And sometimes i need to remind myself of that when it comes to people trolling, or FUDing, or just flat out refusing to look at anything other than some post from some uneducated clown. I cant force them to recognize certain VERIFIABLE FACTS and i know i cant force them to be saved. But I feel bad too because in the end even tho these people were smart enough to get into crypto, their arrogant and mismanaging everything, and are or are following popular fraudsters who rot their brains with hopium, theyll be stuck using CBDCs with no way out. People think its all a joke but real defi will be the only thing to save the world economy and keep people finiancially independent. Blockchains may very well save the world from self destruction. I feel like once the banks are disbanded the money problem is solved and everyone around the world will feel their being properly compensated for their valuable time and effort working and a lot of other things will get better as a direct result.

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“If you want to test your test dog shit in dog shit land that sucks use a fucking testnet”