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Welcome to PulseChain Forum :wave:

Say hi and let the community know where you’re from, when you joined the community, and what you love about PulseChain and/or anything else fun you’d like to share. :blush:


Max here, following RH since 2017 and winning ever since!

Content creator, half-dev (I guess) and security guy. Also likes validators and peace in the community :slight_smile:


I’ve been in crypto since 2017, originally a BTC maxi but came across RH and went all in on HEX. Since then I’ve enjoyed being a part of this dynamic community that has intertwined relationships like no other. The PulseChain ecosystem is something very unique, from native HEX stakes, biddable HSI’s, PLSX buy and burn, perpetuals, yield farming to decentralised leverage trading, meme coin madness and so much more. I believe this is the most exciting blockchain to exist and has so much more room to grow!


Hey Now! In Crypto since 2017 and leveraging it to be Financially Independent. I am a content creator on Youtubes and provide HEX data through HEXFIRE IO. Originally a BTC maxi but then ETH, discovered ALTS, chased XRP. Followed RH and went all in on HEX. My focus is on developing significant and/or multiple income streams to support retirement. I chew bubblegum and mountain bikes, but not at the same time.


i am dip catcher, crypto class of 2017. full stack developer specializing in python and solidity. I built all the maximus dao contracts and a variety of other tools to support the hexican ecosystem


I am a software engineer from Mexico. I’m in crypto since 2016. Originally a btc maximalist. I am a content creator, I like to help people understand blockchain tech. I try to translate and share all the good information from English-speaking Hexicans to the PulseChain community in Spanish.

I am grateful to the community, Richard and all the devs that make up our ecosystem.

Always open to help!


Greetings, fellow members!

I go by Rell, also known as rell_logic on X.

I stumbled upon the world of RH in 2022, and it’s been an enlightening journey ever since.

My profound gratitude extends to the HEX and Pulsechain communities, where I’ve garnered a wealth of knowledge.

The forum is brilliant and exclusively remarkable, Glad i stumbled upon it :pray:t4:

Looking forward to the amazing content in this forum alone


This is brilliant actually having a pulsechain forum. Im hexlander from Scotland. Richard heart really has done something special and in time others will joins us when they see the light.


Not a HEX OG, but definitely caught the run up from .02 cents, and part of the PulseChain community. Looking to continue learning true DeFi and being self-sovereign while living in the great country – TEXAS! Thank you for creating this useful community tool.


Wah Gwaan, as we say in the UK.

Good to be here.

Former ETH Maxi turned RH part time Maxi…

Big on PulseChain, we will be better than ETH one day!

Lets Roll on the Bull Market


What’s up yall… FillUp Banks here.
Learned about Bitcoin back ~2012.
Introduced into Richard by Tone dah Vays back in 2017.
I’m a designer by trade.
Here to build.


Hi, I joined this great community last bull run and I have not left!

My twitter is: https://twitter.com/Hexstradamus

I am a QuattroCinco.

Lets make the financial market a better place!

Your Friend, @Hexstradamus


Sup, you may have seen me on twitter @chriscryptobear or met me at Hexpo 2022!

I’ve been staked in HEX since 2019. Freeclaiming with btc onboarded me after i found Richard’s youtube channel sometime that same year. I never understood how people could call his project a scam. I got free coins, learned how to sign a message on the electrum wallet, and with RH livestreams i was well underway to being a better blockchain guide for everyone in my life.

Peace to everyone representing real #defi


Greetings All, in crypto since 2017, HEX OG, DCA’d into HEX starting early Dec 2019.
5555 Staker and sac for PLS and PLSX. Owe a lot to Richard Heart, he is the man!
Great to see a Pulsechain Forum!


Hi everyone, I’m Hitoshi from Pulse Wallet. I’ve been in crypto since 2016, focusing on building infrastructure for crypto trading/transactions in the emerging field of DEX trading. Would love to learn more from everyone.


Hello everybody! Richard Heart here… nah i’m kidding😝 glad to be part of the Hexican community since april 2021! Pulse OG sacrificer, i stand for the values shared in the community and i love the engagement i get in Telegram and YouTube! I hope we can create something special over here as well, with lots of info readily available for whoever needs it. Mad gains for all!


HexoComet here, glad to be here! I found RH and Hex quite late in Nov 22, so missed that first great cycle. But here now, love HEX PulseChain and PulseX but its this community that really makes it. All the best everyone!


McB here from the Land of $OPHIR had been #HEXing since 2018 and now #PULSing for the entire community!


HEXTER here and i truly love you guys


#Party HEX PulseChain #Maximus #TEAM #Phiat