PulseInu (PINU) - Shiba Inu Ecosystem Reborn on Pulse Chain

Hello everyone!

For all crypto enthusiasts enjoying meme coins here is a project that may catch your attention - PULSE INU! Shiba Inu ecosystem on Pulse with much better tokenomics

  • mint phase is closed which means that total amount of tokens is settled and there will be no new coins in total supply anymore
  • deflationary token
  • buy $ burn
  • low market cap
  • stake your PulseInu tokens to earn PLS !
  • NFTs with many bonuses
  • and more…

DYOR on https://pulseinu.org/

Solid liquidity - PHUX dex - 50 000 USD +
You can also trade it on other DEXes like PulseX or Pitaes


I follow this project from beginning. It fits perfectly into the assumptions of the pulsechain network. Closed contract, no admin keys, committed to the community.
There is no artificial pomp, no paid advertising for only one big pump, the community is building very strongly around the project. They doing good work.
NFT are insane, a member of the community also created them. Stickers, advertisements on cars. I feel the same as I did at the beginning of hex.


LFG! Great opportunity!


Liquidity is increasing which will help stabilize bigger trades in the future…

This is still an early stage for this project so join our community and help PulseInu become top meme coin on PulseChain.


Circulating supply is decreasing systematically.

You know the best what it means and what usually happens when there is high demand and decreasing amount of tokens available to buy :slight_smile:

Check and track it by yourself on PulseInu Stake


Check PulseInu on Coinmarkecap: Pulse Inu price today, PINU to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Best DEX aggregator on Pulse Chain for PulseInu: https://app.piteas.io/


The best community, everyday ATH


Collection of Pulse Inu NFTs is waiting for you!

Mint your own NFT on PulseInu Stake and obtain your unique Puls Inu friend :slight_smile:

Use it to boost your bonuses on PulsInu token staking to earn even more PLS or trade it on the marketplace. The choice is yours.


I support this project and consider it a “RH” token.


Summary of all important links and information related to PulseInu (borrowed from [ANN] [PINU] Pulse Inu Meme Token)

Website: https://pulseinu.org
Stake: PulseInu Stake
Burn: PulseInu Stake
X: @PulseInu

Official: Telegram: Contact @pulseinuofficial

Other Telegram channels:
Poland: Telegram: Contact @PulseInuPoland
China: Telegram: Contact @pulseinuchina
France: Telegram: Contact @pulseinufrance
Nigeria: Telegram: Contact @pulseinunigeria
Korea: Telegram: Contact @pulseinukorea


Burn $PINU to get NFTs! There are only 10000 pieces to be minted. Some NFTs are rarer than the others. 386 EPIC, 3 LEGENDARY (2 minted already), 1 GODLIKE, the rest EXTRA RARE/RARE. It doesn’t matter actually because each of them is unique, it depends on a few aspects, as you probably know. All 1 of 1, no copies! Right now (15/11/2023) their value based on burning price is about 12-70$. More new people coming from other countries.

Staking - by blocking your tokens you get in return “Shares”, which I would call the number of shares in the distribution = more shares, bigger slice of the cake. Yield Boost Bonus generated from NFTs is cumulative, so with a few pieces you can get a pretty good booster. So, you can mint NFTs for burning 10 Billion (for 30% bonus) or 2 Billion PINU tokens (for 5% bonus). You get rewards in PLS tokens and it depends on the amount of held NFTs. Staking also has a referral system, where you can get 20 000 PLS for each person, who will stake his $PINU through your individual link. The cost of stake is 100 000 PLS, which is distributed to the staking participants, there’s no possibility to terminate the stake earlier.

Both the $PINU token and the staking mechanism have a Coinfabrik audit.

With the current strong condition of Cryptos, recurring situations, where memecoins are changing people’s lives, and the possibilities of adoption in the PulseChain Network I’m willing to bet a few $, not to mention building various dapps by the community itself.

A lot of opportunities for development, community acquisition and first and foremost → burning of supply is not limited.
$PINU Contract:

NFTs Contract:

NFTs on marketplaces:


Chillout great work,

I have been following the project for over a year now, it’s nice to see that the mint phase has finally ended and there will never be any more of PINU tokens, they only be burned by the NFT

7 days from the end of the mint phase and the launch of the staking platform with NFT everything works perfectly. Dev great job!!

More and more information about the project appears on YouTube, Twitter, and wallets such as Pulse Wallet add PINU to token lists, not bad. Just look word memcoin on pulsechain will mean direcly PINU for everbody in future, memcoin?? probably not only mecoin anymore because there is a stakeing platform and NFT with a yeld bost to farm PLS in reward.
Good job PINU community its your project in your hands, no body have access to contract its closed :slight_smile: it all looks just like the Hex was being built, it all looks just like the Hex was being built 3 years ago…

Great opportunity to get more PLS and I keep your PINU in stacking platform until the pulsechain bull market starts.

Good job PINU community its your project in your hands, no body


i got some during the mint
the reason i did is because of Don
og hexican who is in the inner circles
this coin is designed to do better than shiba

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Still a lot from mint price level :slight_smile:

Most of top wallets holding and even additionally loading their bags.

PINU tokens in circulating supply are constantly decreasing so be ready for the next ATH soon.


And we are slowly going back to ATH… still consolidating, but this is the best time to increase the size of your PINU bags before next pump up. :slight_smile:


pinu is going to change lives!

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Amost 4% of total supply burned.

Circulating supply decreasing all the time

Another objective of the project reached - PHUX rewards which means even more PINU buyback and BURN :fire: :fire: :fire:

Vote here with your PHUX tokens to get rewards on our pair.

Then you could:

50% HODL PHUX for future voting
50% Back into Pulse Inu!

Make sure to have some PHUX so we can get voted all the way to the top!

This is just the beginning. The main mission for PINU >> bring as many new people to Pulse Chain ecosystem as possible. Win for PINU = WIN for Pulse Blockchain :handshake:

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Just another small step. This time 9inch :slight_smile:

PINU is waiting patiently when whole sentiment to Pulse Chain will change to benefit the whole PLS community. :handshake: :muscle:

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PINU will be listed soon on Kanga Exchange! :fire:
official site: https://trade.kanga.exchange/

In the meantime, you may enjoy it on Kanga Quick Swap:

and here we are :slight_smile: