Pulsechain specific differences from Ethereum defi development

As a new defi developer I wish I had access to pulsechain specific documentation like you can find for other chains; things that you need to know that are different from developing on Ethereum/Uniswapv2. I hadn’t done any defi development before last fall and the lack of pulsechain specific documentation has been maddening. I understand that the chain is so new, but trying to learn defi on pulsechain has been very difficult, because you always wonder if the problems that come up are you or just some simple setting that isn’t going to be in the eth documentation. There are a few sites here and there, but it would so helpful for there to be a place that brings it together, like here. :wink: This would help new developers and I feel would really help pulsechain grow.
I’m going to post some topics with a few things, please add to them or start some of your own.


Yes, I agree, there should be more support and documentation. I use ChatGPT to help me understand a lot and search the web and read through API docs. It took me weeks to figure out how to make an NFT mint bot connected to PulseChain blockchain transactions.

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I am running into the same difficulties. Maybe that is something we can work on within this group. As we learn those differences create some kind of documentation for development. From what I have found so far it seems like you must have a node to do any serious development.