Problem with WETH (eth) to WETH (pulsechain)

Dear all, I am new here. Excited to be here. Thanks.

Just wanted to see what Pulsechain was about.
I tried to bridge some WETH (on etherium in Metamask) to WETH (pulsechain) via the Pulsechain Bridge.
Now this was some 3 hrs ago. The trx is still being validated according to the transactions page of the PC bridge.
I am wondering if I did something wrong, since I was instructed to bridge normal ETH to WETH (on Pulsechain). I paid some gas, but in Metamask I didn’t see any transaction value or number of coins. Any thoughts?
Thank you.

@sasmir David Feder posted something on X about MM and the bridge being slow today iirc. I wasn’t paying much attention, but that might be a lead for you until something better comes along. Good luck!

Thank you. Yes this is true. Eventually it worked out fine, with some delay.

Glad it worked out, and welcome to the forum. There’s lots of chatter about the issue now on X.