PulseX Ratio: Price Vs. Buy&Burn Function

Since the Buy&Burn (B&B) function on PulseX is active it is technically impossible to sen PulseX to absolute zero. What size of moves or large volumes spikes have a significant effect on the price/supply?

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Technically it’s impossible to send any coin to absolute 0.

According to DefiLlama, PulseX has done ~$3.185B in total volume which has burned 567B PLSX, equal to about 2.75% of user-owned supply according to GoPulse.

Volume has been pretty consistent, and I’d say that is a pretty significant burn rate on user supply.

Hard to say what size of volume would have a significant effect on price. A good way to analyze is to go on DEX Screener, look at a big move on the chart, and then look at the trade history and see how big of a transaction caused that move. It’s constantly changing with the amount of liquidity.