Any Erigon specific issues to be aware of?

Is there any issue using Erigon instead of geth? All of the helper scripts or tutorials I’ve seen are using geth, which gives me pause.
I think I’m being affecting by a upstream geth bug: bug
and am hoping switching to Erigon will help.

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Erigon is just newer and a fork of Geth with some improvements, one notable thing it has over Geth is automatic pruning (maybe Geth will have this one day too) for maintenance.

GitHub - rhmaxdotorg/pulsechain-validator: PulseChain Validator Automated Setup Scripts uses Geth + Lighthouse so that’s the clients I’m most familiar with.

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I used your scripts for the most part, except for changing the RPC settings a bit. Thanks for them, really helped me understand it in the beginning.

I’m assuming I have to basically start over; withdrawal and do the setup over again if I switch to Erigon, correct?

I’m having issues with transactions I’m sending to my validator timing out. But then they show up completed on up to an hour later. I think it might be the bug I linked to above, but an not positive.

I hope this forum thrives; there are very few sources of pulsechain specific help/information.


Hmm I’ve never switched clients before, but if I were to start over, I’d just wipe the server, run the setup script and import the keys again and get it sync’d and running again.

If you already made the deposit, sure there’s some downtime and penalized by being offline in PLS terms, but if you can plan well the whole process can be a couple days (depending on network connection speed and execution success on each step).