Interested in becoming a PulseChain validator?

The community has really stepped it up and made it as easy as possible. Shout-out to Gamma, David Feder, DipSlayer and many others producing media and code to on-board to the network.

I’ve got a ton of video content, scripts and guide as well.

Become a PulseChain Validator — Richard Heart Maximalism is where you can go for the PulseChain Validator guide landing page with all the information on how to get started.

Or to get directly to the automated scripts, check out GitHub - rhmaxdotorg/pulsechain-validator: PulseChain Validator Automated Setup Scripts


Great post!

Your Friend, @Hexstradamus

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Thank you for this information.

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Do you make more money staking Hex or being a Pulsechain validator?

Good question.

Depends on a lot of factors including # of validators you plan to run (vs how much/long you plan to stake HEX), whether you run validators in the cloud (advantages, but costs are monthly instead of one-time + utilities with home validators) and how many validators join the network and lower the APR over time.

Check out this video on some cost comparisons (and I’ve got plenty more clips on the channel on validating, just search rhmax validator)

RHmax. Do you know if it is possible to change the reward adress for a PLS validator after the setup already is up and running?

It’s possible to change the fee address, but AFAIK not the withdrawal address.

If you used my scripts for installation of the validator, there’s a script in there that will help you change it (and the IP address as needed).

Thanks RHMax.

I used David’s script.
Do you have any idea how I change it with Davids script?

Sorry, I haven’t used his script but I imagine if you can find him on the PulseDev or Gamma’s channel on TG then he might be able to help you.

Just guessing, but it would probably be in the command line of setting the fee address for the consensus client.

Thank you for this type of information.

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Can i run a pulsechain validator with a rusberry pi 5?

Not ideally. You sure can run a node on it. Someone did it on ETH