HEX is a better Bitcoin

  1. Inflation Management: HEX had a high inflation phase only in its first year and now limits annual inflation to 3.69%, paid to stakers who support the price of HEX. In contrast, Bitcoin experienced high inflation initially and pays inflation to miners who dump it to pay for mining equipment​​.

  2. Environmental Impact: Bitcoin mining requires significant energy, contributing to environmental harm. HEX, using the Proof of Wait mechanism, eliminates this need, making it more environmentally friendly​​.

  3. Ease of HEX Mining vs. Bitcoin Mining: HEX allows users to stake their coins easily without needing special hardware, unlike Bitcoin’s mining process, which is complex and requires expensive hardware.

  4. Profitability and Security: HEX claims an average annual percentage yield (APY) of 38% from mining, significantly higher than Bitcoin’s potential returns from mining or lending. It also avoids the counterparty risk required for earning yield with Bitcoin, replacing third parties with a trustless system​​.

  5. Ownership Distribution: HEX allows for a more equitable distribution of ownership compared to Bitcoin, where a significant portion is held by a few entities​​.

  6. Technological Robustness: HEX has had flawless operation and 100% uptime for over 3 years, unlike Bitcoin, which has experienced significant bugs in its history. HEX’s code is immutable, audited, and more secure​​.

  7. Functionality and Flexibility: HEX is a high-yield Blockchain Certificate of Deposit, offering bonuses for longer staking periods, simulating compounding interest. It is also a hybrid Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS) system, enhancing interoperability and security​.


Model T Maximalist (@CryptoModelTMax) on X does many good breakdowns of Hex vs. Bitcoin. One focuses on supply of T-Shares, he says:

How many deflationary T-Shares are there?

9.8 Million
down from 11M 2 years ago.

What do T-Shares do?

They pay you DAILY almost 7¢ per T-Share.
UP 15% from 2 years ago.

How many Bitcoin are there, and do they PAY you to have them?