Mining HEX - Playing a 20 Inning Game

I am a strong believer in staking HEX. Its a no brainer once I got past the following:

  • Why Hold Assets? History has proven good assets held longer provide greater value.
  • Why Crypto? Alternate store of value and source of volatility.
  • Why ETH/PLS? Better technology, greater public interest, greater opportunity of gains.
  • Why HEX? Immutable, trustless, scarce, community of like minded individuals in DeFi.
  • What about OA? Stabilizing force with a history of supporting the HEX ecosystem.
  • Why Stake/Mine? Earn more HEX for locking HEX
  • Why Ladder? Spread opportunity/risk over time, enjoy greater rewards.

Inning being a year. Already in the 4th inning. Entering the top of the 5th son. + another 15 makes it a 20 inning game. My strategies are all about accumulating more HEX in order to produce incomes in HEX.

Don’t you agree?


Great post! I love the simple answers to all of those common questions.

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It’s the best single-sided staking around!
T-shares are incredibly valuable

When I was 20 I didn’t have the self-discipline to play a long game. Now that I’m 80 :scream: I have a bunch of 5555s. Somewhere the gods are laughing.