Common Pulsechain addresses

Disclaimer, it is up to you to verify these are legitimate. I may be a scammer on a uncharted island with starlink running everything on a generator.

Contract addresses:

“WPLS”: “0xA1077a294dDE1B09bB078844df40758a5D0f9a27”
“PLSX”: “0x95B303987A60C71504D99Aa1b13B4DA07b0790ab”
“PULSEXROUTER02”: “0x165C3410fC91EF562C50559f7d2289fEbed552d9”
“PULSEXFACTORY02”: “0x29eA7545DEf87022BAdc76323F373EA1e707C523”
“MasterChef”: “0xB2Ca4A66d3e57a5a9A12043B6bAD28249fE302d4”

And also to mention the the PulseChain Burn Address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000369

The burn address is primarily used for projects to automatically send various tokens for the purpose of deflating their supplies.

For example, PLSX, from the buy and burn function of PulseX, is sent to this address to be removed from the market forever. PulseChain validators have also been burning PLS at this address.