Thoughts on Communis Token?

Interested on your insights of Communis Token, and what it can do for HEX.


I’m a huge fan of HEX staking incentive tokens. People really love them and personally, I hope people launch more of them.

As of right now, I don’t think that anyone is necessarily staking HEX just for the incentive token. The only time that really occurred was during the launch of the Icosa system when people were creating HSI’s to get ICSA early. Would be awesome though if one of them becomes so valuable that people do stake HEX to earn an incentive token.

I do however think that people are beginning to incorporate incentive token earnings, like COM and HDRN, into their calculations of earned yield which is cool to see. If the value of the incentive tokens goes up, HEX staking becomes more lucrative which I think is awesome and a big net positive for HEX.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the latest COM hype and what Joni is trying to do with it. To me, the system he is trying to introduce is too complex, especially for your average person. The system Codek created with COM is cool, but that system already takes effort to understand and I feel like the system Joni is introducing just further complicates it. I think time would be better spent just explaining the native COM system to people.

One additional thought, I think the challenge incentive tokens face is getting people to value them enough to hold and to buy them rather than just dumping them as they are earned. We’ve seen this with INC and with HDRN. I believe COM probably does the best of incentive tokens at addressing this challenge as the person has to decide whether to claim or stake at the start.

Looking forward to how the incentive token ecosystem develops.


Agreed, I look forward to the future of the whole ecosystem, this is just the beginning. I noticed Communis updated their website so its showing effort in onboarding and educating.

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I like COM, in some ways I think it has stronger economics than HDRN (at least until the bonuses to genesis tshare holders age out). The thing that both of them hopefully crack is inbound demand from non staking buyers.

From my understanding of what jonni is trying to do, the concept is that if COM goes up in value it will make it so people stake hex to mint their com because the value of the com is greater than the value of the stake. This sounds great but if you think that will happen it means COM will vastly outperform HEX and if that’s the case you wouldn’t want to hold HEX you would just want to hold COM. Could definitely happen if COM attracts large amounts of non staking buyers.


I claimed some COM soon after it launched, but didn’t for my smaller stakes. Since PulseChain launch, I claimed all the COM and stake 100% to use later.

Overall it seems like a good idea as it may have enough value to help with HEX endstake gas fees on Ethereum. Same plan with HDRN. For non-whales like most of us, we can sell it on maturation without effecting the price.


The catch with that is that if everyone tries to use it to sell for gas then no one will be able to sell it for gas


lol, well then i’ll have failed in my strategy. :sweat_smile:

In the spirit of friendly debate, can we assume everyone in COM is not doing the same thing?

I think its great, anything that tried to incentize people to stake for longer is a win, COM has been audited has fair tokenomics and no “pre mine” people love free stuff

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@PulsechainNewsletter I’m kind of a HEX maximalist, so I’m okay with spending gas to play with COM. To be fair, HEX stakers also got HDRN and PLSD for free. I imagine we will also be rewarded with other free stuff as the years roll on by.

I’m talking about these altcoins, but not promoting them. It would be wise to invest in the the core RH coins: PLS, PLSX, and HEX (Not financial advice!). I suppose Maximus DAO is on the safelist too, because it’s actually backed by real HEX stakes. But that can be discussed over at Maximus DAO - PulseChain Forum

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Im a day one saccer in PLS/PLSX literally irresponsibly all in :joy: also hold HEX longer term staked out, and a few meme/other tokens I hold on Pulsechain in smaller dollar terms.


I am a avid supporter of $SWPN marketing strategy initiated by JonniSaks, I truly believe that this Repo Marketing strategy will bring RH tokens to new heights.

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May RH tokens never experience another bear market again with $SWPN

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All walk thru on the $Com token by

HEXFIRE - Chrispyman


Unless there is tons of liquidity and usecase for it that may burn alot of it.

This bit right here is something that is easy to present and should be simple to say first. It helps put the whole thing in perspective.

Like, I didn’t know that and it shifted things for me.

For me, I haven’t claimed COM because I don’t know who is behind it.
Also, what does it stand for, the ethos behind it officially?