Cannot Find my Eth:/

Hey guys! I tried to swap ETH for PLS on the pulse bridge, but I did it on trust wallet on ios, which didn’t have the pulse chain network on. The swap failed midway I believe, and I am now unable to see, or interact in any way with my eth. The only thing I know is that the transaction was confirmed and sent to the smart contract.

I tried looking for my transaction in the pulse bridge app with the hash, but nothing comes up. Do you guys know what I could do? I lost an important amount on that transaction, I would like to get my eth back.

Thanks in advance!

Consider adding the WETH contract to your MetaMask.

Sometimes when I do limit orders with ETH, and it fails, the ETH is deposited back as WETH.

Unfortunately no:/ I possess no WETH, on the eth or pulse blockchain. Think I could contact someone, with my transaction hash, and get the issue fixed?

Did you try the PulseChain Telegram? They’ve got mods there that may be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction.

Same issue… I have USDT bridged to Pulsechain, but unable to do anything with these tokens. There is no way to swap them for anything else on Pulse or bridge them back to Ethereum or anything…
Pulse is unstable, there is no support… I have been trying for months now. And the only people getting back to me are freaking scammers…
Really disappointed by Pulse… useless chain