WETH on pulsechain bridge broken?

I decided to use the bridge a couple days ago to transfer ETH from Etherium network to WETH on pulsechain. It looks like the transaction went through, it says claimed on the bridge transaction history. I DID use the CORRECT bridge. However when I try to convert my WETH on PulseX for PLS or anything else, it shows this error message…

An internal error was received. Request Arguments: from: —address— to: —Address— value: 0 ETH data: 0x095ea7b3000000000000000000000000a619f23c632ca9f36cd4dcea6272e1ea174aac27000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003feb1eb6c817cf611 gas: 262184 Details: No network client ID was provided.

I also cannot sent my WETH on pulsechain to any other wallet, it simply will not load any gas fees or the confirmation screen to send. The common theme upon trying to do anything with my WETH on pulsechain is that it says “No network client ID provided” I have no idea what this means…

If anyone could please help! I know I’ve seen some other people having the same issues, I have no idea on what to do. I also use metamask as my main wallet incase that helps. Thank you!

For those who have the same issue with metamask. Here is the solution:

In your wallet, go to the Networks setting, delete the network I use (PulseChain) and add it again. You will not lose your crypto doing this as your crypto is on the blockchain. You can re-add the network by going to gopulse.com and connecting your wallet, then add the network again. You will likely need to re-add the coins/token addresses you have to your wallet as well such as PLS.