PulseChain Marketing Campaign Ideas 💡

What are your ideas for community marketing campaigns for PulseChain?

One of the many reasons why HEX has had success is that our community came up with awesome marketing ideas and the community was able to align and get behind them. I would love to see that with PulseChain!

Share your ideas :point_down:

Bloomberg Radio ads. This may make more sense for HEX since there are lots of ads on there for yielding assets (REITs, bonds, etc).

Reaching finance professionals and people who like listening to financial news is probably the best audience to reach.


I’ll throw an idea in the hat.

How about a fund for paid short form online ads for twitter, TikTok & YouTube shorts.

We literally have the content already in the form of social clips people have made for organic socials.

We’d just need to find the ones from Richard, superhexwin etc. which hit the hardest and put some money behind those.

You can target high network locations pretty precisely. This is what I do in my business for clients already.

The accountability/trust for spending the money in the right way, reporting back to the community as well as ensuring a constantly flow of donations would be the tricky part.

HexScout could be a good site to send people to. Otherwise, we could make new landing pages specifically for the ads and book onboarding calls with community members. Or do a weekly webinar that people sign up for to batch the call and make it more efficient to onboard at scale.

Richard mentioned charging for the crypto Sparbuck tour when they did that. And the pulsechain tour struggled to get attendees so the education & volunteers are there. We just need an ad engine pulling in new leads/onboards I think.