Pulsewallet legit or scam?

hey goldkey and dipcatcher I trust you both in the community(been following since before the maximus dao), I would love you guys to check out Pulsewallet on twitter/X they seem to have everyones best interest at heart but because im not a coder I would love for you to check them out before I endorse them


In general I won’t use any new wallet. Too much risk for very little benefit. There’s nothing wrong with a hardware wallet or metamask.


Wallets are tough for me as well.

On one hand, I definitely want to support legit community efforts to build amazing products, including wallets and everything else. However, security is paramount. To me, my wallet is my bank. And I treat wallets (outside of MM) like new, unproven banks regardless of their intention and technical accumen.

Simply to little ROI for the supposed benefits as DC eluded to. However, that could change and MM may force our hands at some point, so its cool that it looks like we’ll have options.

I really need to see them stand the test of time, detailed audits, funding and staying power before I switch to using them full time. In the meantime, however I imagine many people will try them out to use as secondary wallets or not keep much $ in the “accounts” there as a precaution while still supporting ways to escape the not-privacy-focused mainstream stuff.


I won’t be comfortable using a new wallet for many years. They all need more time and larger communities of users. Meta-mask works for now.

Nothing wrong with testing out new wallets with tiny amounts of funds. But be careful downloading extensions and software to your device. It’s smart to have a separate computer for blockchain only purposes.


I’ve seen them on Twitter but haven’t researched them. I respect that they are making an effort to add value to PulseChain. However, I’ll never endorse them and would recommend anyone be slow to trust a new wallet.

As DC said, new wallets are very risky with little benefit.

I’m also slow to call projects scams. I haven’t seen any indication that they are a scam, but even people with good intentions need time to work and gain trust. Especially with a product as critical as a wallet.


I wont say with 110% certainty that it wont flip a switch one day and try to drain every single wallet it hosts… but so could Metamask.

I will say i downloaded it to see what it was all about. They have and interesting MPC key system tied in with your social. If you want to use it.

Obviously its a hot wallet regardless of how they spin it, and you should never keep any significant ammount of assets on any hot wallet. But as for a front end. Not sure yet. Its o ly a mobile app and theres obvious limitations tryna to use hardware wallets with your cellphone. They claim to be working on a robust web extension but they just pushed it back by 1-2 months. They seem to be hyper focused on security features, which is fine by me.
For me.
If it is at least as secure as Metamask. Thats all i need. id rather use anything else at this point.We all sit here and trust MM as a frontend for no reason other than them basically having first mover advantage. Pulsewallets nicheness of being aa pulsechain focused wallet (it supports other chains as well, ethereum for now) probably wont lead to them dethroning metamask but it could become the community wallet of choice.

They do have a pretty useful hub of dapps that you can connect to in the wallet. I mean saves a little bit of time when jumping around alot.

But again.
It doesnt matter if its Internet money, Pulsewallet, metamask, gemini, coinbase, etc.
Never let that keystring have access to assets you care about for very long, if at all. For me their Intended for use as Front ends only. Than after a while of normal activity you could use it for smaller things. Eventually well all need a day wallet for when crypto becomes fully adopted. And im not paying for groceries with address associated with any seedphrase where any stakes or savings are being managed. Which of course ya know. Tornado cash will hopefuly make a huuuuge comeback in the near future and that would help but im getting off topic.

Dont trust. Verify.
Download it and start a dummy wallet just to test it out like i did. Its not like the most amazing thing ever but its nofty to say the least. And the few pulse i had in it , i reused an old seed phrase that was useless just had a few pls on it, didnt insta tly get drained or anything.

I havent tested their " shielded wallet" feature yet. It involves pooling and stuff but ill come back and update if i ever do.


Metamask is just the best of many evils. As soon as there really is a better option for frontends i would switch to it full time.

Obviously security first. But yeah.

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Pulse Wallet wykorzystuje technologię mpc. Tą samą technologię ma Zengo Wallet, który jest na rynku od 2018 r i nie było ani jednego włamania i utraty środków. Ta technologia to przyszłość, Pulse Wallet rozwali system w mojej ocenie widząc jak się rozwijają i jakie aktualizacje dochodzą. Używam go i przeniosłem wszystkie portfele z MM do Pulse Wallet.

I started using (IM) - Internet Money wallet as a liquid savings wallet for Pulsechain tokens/coins but still use (TW) Trust Wallet as a transaction wallet what is everyone’s thoughts on the Internet Money wallet?