What hardware wallet do you recommend?

What hardware wallet do you recommend and why?


fielders choice, ledger or trezor. heres an article that compares the features head to head. whichever you choose is fine, just dont be in a rush to try new hardware wallets from new companies, stick to the ones that have a long standing track record of security.


What do you think about the feature Ledger was about to release? They literally made clear that they lied about the seed phrase being safe on the ledger and unveiled that its retrievable.


This is a worry of mine when it comes to any hardware wallet. Something to be said about software and middlemen.

I have used the SafePal S1 hardware wallet since 2021 and it is great, it supports PulseChain and is realtively cheap.

Anytime you buy a hardware wallet you should only buy direct from the manufacturer as to guarantee it has not been tampered with.

I got a ton of negative feedback from people (supposed security experts) when I talked about it on X, none of them knew what they were talking about. Learn about the different layers of security and decide for yourself. You are responsible for your actions.

I have a ledger nano s. This is so old that the lcd screen is almost too dim to read, but I read that the nano s’ are safe from the trust problems that surfaced later.

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From what I understand that would only be the case if you upgraded to the new recover mode. It’s something that can be useful for people based on their personal situation and risk tolerance for that particular issue. Statistically you are more likely to lose money making bad investments than loss due to that.

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Well ive used both ledger and trezor. Each has interesting pros and cons. Ledger live doesnt support HID so that can be troublesome but they are a forward thinking company and most of whatthey deliver is extremely easy to use and they have lots of videos. Id love to get some stacks. Just seem cool as hell.

While trezor can be cumbersome they have cool things like secret wallets and neat customizable lock screens but they seem to be sticking to the k.i.s.s. method and not coming out with " x, nano, stax" novelty wallets. Thi they did push out a touchscreen one. But woe if you crack that screen or the stax screens too probably.

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I use an old version as well.


Trezor Model T is my favorite.
Hidden wallets
Color touchscreen LCD
Trezor suite is nice, open source


Trezor model T
It’s simple and cheaper than the other Trezor models

Been using Trezor model One for many years and had no issues except one of them had a loose usb connector but customer support replaced it.

Just try to upload the firmware once a year or so.

Trezor software is a bit more user-friendly than Ledger software, but haven’t tried their new models.

can someone explain to me how the hardware wallet has no backdoor?
this has been my only mental block with using them.

I have read there is a fuse that is factory burnt, so nothing can be altered… but how can we know this for sure? It would be nice to SEE it somehow, or at least understand it in a real way…

If you use a hardware wallet, are you able to also know your private key?