Calling All Hexicans 📣

We’re launching a new HEX staking platform soon that I believe is a MASSIVE opportunity to bring energy back to HEX.

If you haven’t noticed, HEX staking has been in decline. Staking rates are down and people are not talking about it nearly as much as they used to.

Pool Party aims to change that :mirror_ball:

Pool Party is a simple and fun way for people to stake HEX together in trustless HEX stake pools. It’s also a community-owned incentive-driven machine for buying and staking HEX.

  1. PARTY holders own Pool Party and earn rewards for promoting and growing the HEX stake pools.
  2. Pool organizers get to design and lead their own stake pool, earning rewards based on the amount of HEX that gets staked.
  3. Stakers in pools earn more yield the more HEX that gets staked in the pools they’re in due to the Bigger Pays Better Bonus.
  4. The more HEX that gets bought and staked in pools increases the value of HEX, which increases the value of all HEX stake pools and the HEX rewards earned.

If you love HEX and want to see it thrive this cycle and beyond, join us with this new HEX movement.

We’ve been working extremely hard to make this platform amazing. But for it to truly be great, we need passionate people who want to see HEX win leading from the front.

Follow Maximus DAO on X for updates as we approach launch :rocket:


dont forget the flamingo floaties :fire:

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