USDT bridged to PulseChain corrupted and impossible to use?

Since I wanted to buy a substantial amount of PLSX, I bridged my USDT from the Ethereum chain to PulseChain using
Now when my Trust Wallet is connected to I can see these USDT and the swap is all ready.
I also have 1000 PLS in my wallet to pay for the gas of the swap.
However, the swap doesn’t work and I get a weird error message:

Requested resource not available. Request Arguments: from: 0xAb59c006db2CEDF6CdA7D7aE0E23277C6b668f91 to: 0x0Cb6F5a34ad42ec934882A05265A7d5F59b51A2f value: 0 ETH data: 0x095ea7b3000000000000000000000000a619f23c632ca9f36cd4dcea6272e1ea174aac2700000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000259fc46c gas: 262184 Details: Request of type 'PUBLIC_sig

When trying to bridge my USDT back to the ETH blockchain, also there, impossible to do anything with these USDT on the pulsechain.

These USDT are visible but nothing can be done with them. They are stuck…

Does anyone have an idea what can be done? Who could help me?

Thanks so much in adance… I’m kind of desperate, because this is kind of all my savings I wanted to invest in PulseX as I believe in it!

Also, I wanted to share what I get when trying to bridge these USDT from Ethereum on Pulsechain, back to Ethereum…

There is definitely an issue and I would appreciate if anyone can help.