52% of validators are ValidatorStore.com, is this a risk?

First off, huge props to David Feder for launching and growing ValidatorStore.com

Recently broke the 50% mark which is huge.

I would assume these validators are not all run by David himself, but by the people that buy a setup from his store. I’d like to ask people who are more knowledgeable than me about this stuff.

Is this a risk for PulseChain?

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Good point to bring up!

As of today I don’t think so, here’s why.

The validators with ValidatorStore.com graffiti are ones that were setup using David Feder’s instructions / script, so it’s hard to say which ones are his vs running on his hardware or cloud accounts vs the community using the guide to setup their validator themselves, but I’d wager more of the latter.

There is also the concept of “client diversity” which is you want to have multiple clients and different pairs of them running and operating the network so if a critical bug or situation occurs that breaks 1-2 of them, the other ones continue to operate the network in the meantime.

I guess you could extend that to “setup diversity” or “script diversity” where there are 4-5 popular guides and scripts out there that are completely or slightly different from each other, such as using different clients eg. erigon/prysm or geth/lighthouse or different technology like containers or running as native processes on the server.

So, what could be a risk for PulseChain?

  1. Lack of client diversity
  2. Bugs in most/all of the 4 PulseChain clients (forked from their Ethereum counterparts)
  3. If 50-70%+ of the network was controlled by one entity

And I don’t exactly see those scenarios today.

However, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on client diversity as it would probably be more healthy for the setups (and therefore USUALLY the mixing and matching of clients) had a more distributed share of the deployments of validators.

This is one of the few sites we don’t have for PulseChain yet!


David did mentioned its not all his. All his pre configured nodes are default to that grafitti and his customers are seemingly all HEX OGs so I’m not surprised.

In other news, the biggest Validator is compounding his rewards to more nodes. That 1 single node is up to 13%, I did prewarn Bret. Nonetheless, with the ETH side curbing staking, I would think we will slow down too if we fork their code eventually.