Can't access PulseChain Bridge?

Used the bridge when it launched with no issues, fast forward a few months and now trying to bridge more funds over.
Tried clicking on the three IPFS links on the bridge site but none of them open (always says site can’t be reached, took too long to respond), is it down for anyone else? I’ve treid for several days now. Goplsbridge isnt working either

Have you tried…

  1. using a different computer
  2. using a different browser (firefox or chrome, which may not be easy if you only have MM on one of them)
  3. trying another ipfs app to see if it works (such as the links)
  4. turning off AV temporarily to see if it makes a difference (be careful and double check ipfs hashes beforehand of course)

Those are ways to isolate the problem to see if where the problem may be.