New way to access the PulseChain bridge (decentralized link)

Check it out, same code as for the HEX frontend but for the new list-of-links that is


great post mate ill be making a newsletter on this subject once I get a few more sign ups down the line, ill refer back to this


Or brave…

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RH max is a trustworthy source, but b careful with scammers posting fake bridge UI links. I’ve seen a fake bridge link that connects to the real bridge but somehow makes it so that the funds go straight to aggregats.eth. This person also runs bridge scams for other chains. aggregats.eth | Address 0x2d9850478599c305427EA0726D20C65d3b002dB9 | Etherscan

when you’re using a new url, make a small test transaction first as a sanity check


For sure, decentralizing all the things does both open the door for legit sites and scam sites that look similar.

Here’s a couple threads on how to double check these things

Added some new content recently to further elaborate on staying safe

DON’T GET SCAMMED and only go to / OR / (double check spelling and don’t click on random links) OR if there’s another triple-checked and verified from trusted source shortcut BUT BE CAREFUL

This tweet has info on how to double and triple check to make sure it’s legit

:red_circle: does the IPFS hash and URL match /w official site?
:red_circle: does the page source code look clean or obfuscated?
:red_circle: does the site in M/M match?
:red_circle: did the burner wallet tx go through or get stolen?
:red_circle: does the website content hash itself match? (could provide these)
:red_circle: does chatgpt tell me the website code is doing something phishy after I copy and paste it into it?
:red_circle: are there any malicious hits for the URL on

If in doubt, you can always go to / and use it and do go there to at least double check the hashes and links!