Developers for hire?

I’ve heard from people in the community that they’d like to hire devs, but haven’t had luck getting good ones.

Is there a place where people can find for-hire devs in the PulseChain community? Or a list of them somewhere with contact info?


How much are they willing to spend? When I do dev work, I’m typically bringing in about 20-50k a month, depending on the complexity of the project. Usually though in the past, I’ve been dev with a few co-founders, and the upside on that was/is virtually unlimited.

I’d wager that the first problem if you can’t find good devs, is that you’re not paying enough.

It’s also worth remembering that good devs typically are not waiting for work to find them, they’re in the trenches in various high profile discords and twitters, actively making contributions, or being white/blackhats. The opportunity costs of building some type of ponzinomic for pulsechain are terrible when you consider that we’re now entering the part of the cycle where devs can earn millions for a few days work (I did this at least once in the last cycle).


Hey RHMax,

I’m Nikol Hayes, an AI developer in the PulseChain community. I’ve contributed to projects like the PulsePhunks NFT mint alert telegram bot, Original Glizzys NFT bot, and an AI customer service rep bot powered by GPT-4 for Hex Toys.

For finding skilled developers, I suggest the PulseDEV Telegram group, a great resource for high-level devs. Twitter is also effective for networking in our community, and GoldKey is a notable PulseChain developer there.

If you’re looking for AI development or telegram bot creation, feel free to reach out to me, especially for PulseChain-related projects.

Nikol (@pulsefaerie on Twitter)