[Discussion] CZ of Binance to Plead Guilty and Step Down as CEO

On the 14th, CZ was charged with failure to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program by the USA.

Here is the inditement:

It is rumored that he will be pleading guilty and stepping down as CEO of Binance. Binance is also said to be paying a $4B fine for a separate case.

What are your thoughts?


Blatantly obvious US regulatory enforcement to benefit blackrock and other big US players, as alt coin daily just tweeted a picture of someone saying something to tthe affect “do you really think blackrock would launch a eft to the benefit of outsiders” USA is becoming a corporate mafia state, I think binance was a net positive for the crypto industry i used them to onboard many many people because they were an access point in my country, not so much now Coast is available.


It was bound to happen eventually, binance always seemed very scummy to me