Thoughts on Vivek Ramaswamy Interview?

On Nov. 16 CoinDesk posted a interview with Vivek Ramaswamy discussing crypto policy framework.

What are your thoughts on what was said?

Video Link:

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I havnt watched the interview but do like his ideas on crypto and free speech, that being said others have raised concerns about him being a plant, considerring he won the young soros award it doesnt seem like a stretch, but he much worse can he be than biden?

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You mean Sleepy Joe? Haha but you can never give your full trust to a politician, excited to see what the other candidates will say about this topic or even be educated on it.

Did you see the 5EC has had trouble recruiting crypto experts?

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Yea because to many people own crypto and you cand get the job if you own it haha bullish

You can not judge a guy for award he got from some philanthropic orgs a rich guy set up. Yes, there probably comes a day where he may need to take a stance against some of those orgs if he get in to some power brooking or becomes president. If somebody is plant as you say, they tend to have massive financial backing and huge propaganda and pr apparatus and we do not see this, at least not jet.

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I fully agree one of the things that has happened to society is people say “people are dumb they believe anything” well no, its just people dont trust anything mainstream so they believe anything that seems legit, I hope Vivek is legit, time will tell

I really like Vivek. Super smart and I think it shows in this interview.

Unfortunately, I think he, along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr, have 0 chance of actually winning this election.

However, I think this is the start of a great political career for him and he may have a chance in a presidential election down the road and may find a seat in another political career for now like Congress.

Even though I don’t think he can win, he is sharing a lot of great ideas that I support.