Is it possible to onboard people with out being cringe?

I’m curious how others have onboarded people to crypto, and more importantly the HEX/PLS community without being too cringe.

I don’t think I’ve ever really felt cringe onboarding people. I try to just keep it as simple as possible and focus on the products.

What makes you feel cringe when onboarding?

Info counts more then beeing too friendly

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unfortunately unless its someone you know in real life who is interested and approaches you, it is usually cringe that onboards people, for example its why youtube stupid cringe thumbnails work and more to our market its why green candles get people to buy rather than solid info about crypto tech or financial freedom, in a bear market I would focus on onboarding people in your demographic and in a bullmarket you onboard people with green candles

@Kevohh I’m curious how others have onboarded people to crypto, and more importantly the HEX/PLS community without being too cringe.

This has worked for me:
I explain what Bitcoin is and why it was invented (remove counter-party risk/3rd party middlemen, censorship resistance) and it’s success as a store of value,

then how ETH improved on that (a world supercomputer that can run software),

and then how HEX was built on with advanced math to earn yield trustlessly. PulseChain is an upgrade to Ethereum.

Give them knowledge so they see you as the expert and trust your information.

Yes, try to keep your descriptions simple until they ask questions voluntarily before going into details about proof of work/stake, forks, smart contracts, etc. Don’t waste your time over explaining things.

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When sitting at a poker table, the most successful players play the people while the rest play their cards.

In my opinion and experience, it’s similar to successful onboarding…it’s imperative to understand how that person thinks and what makes them tick (gains, freedom, privacy, etc.). You’ll find this valuable information by listening to them more than you will by talking at them.

The product is solid and transparent but not one mind is the same, therefore frame your information and deliverance around their individual personality and long term objective first, and the product will take care of itself.

So…play people, not cards.

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Yes it definitely possible to onboard people without being cringe. You just have to make them realize how fucked they are by the Gov’t, Crypto is a risk just like every other game in town but it has the most potential up and down side. We’re still early in this bulls cycle for the large gains to come in late 2024-25 the previous years charts should be your guidelines to helping people get in.

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I tend to go through on-boarding by covering these topics…

  • Point at crypto being down
  • Point out how much it went up in the past
  • Tell them about HEX/PLS from a founder who is cool, fun, smart guy
  • Could even point them to his self-development playlists if they want to know more, his website and of course
  • Tell them if they do some research they’ll find some FUD by SEC and otherwise, but the community is huge and we’re fighting for true DeFi, and I’m not worried about it
  • And let me know if you have any questions, happy to help as I’ve been following the guy and products for years now
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