Onboarding Those Around You

Introducing family members, friends, coworkers, or anyone into crypto can be incredibly frustrating. It goes beyond dealing with complex technology; it’s about unraveling the essence of money itself. To truly get crypto, you’ve got to dive into the complexities of traditional money and understand the Federal Reserve’s role, unveiling the intricate dynamics of global finance. Closing this knowledge gap feels like a monumental task, as many folks are unaware of the flaws in our existing banking system. The frustration stems from the need for a fundamental shift in understanding—an acknowledgment that crypto isn’t just another digital currency; it’s a revolutionary force challenging the very foundation of conventional financial structures.

With this in mind what has been some of the best onboarding methods you have implemented in trying to save those around you?


I agree with all of this. It is very hard to articulate the problems to most people when no one has been educated about the true state of money and economics.

Most people think there are competent people running things and the media backs that narrative up, the propaganda is incredibly strong.

But people know it’s hard to pay for things. They sense something isn’t fair. Most people are in debt, or living at poverty level but pretending they are fine.

I think what you said, helping them understand the Fed Reserve, fractional banking and debt economy. The euro dollar system is an interesting topic to help open eyes, for people who are wealthier and invested in stock markets, commodities. Literally no one knows about how the system works. And that is on purpose.

Ultimately, for a real difference to be made, people have to choose to live in an alternate system with a different economy. That is our right and we should utilize it.