New way to get to the old HEX front-end

Check out as it’s a “hosted” site that simply gives users access to the dweb IPFS site currently listed on the page.


If you use Brave, you can check out my tweet about how to get it on locally.


what if i want to use chrome? any way to change firewall settings etc? I am using norton antivirus 360 btw but when I enable the vpn it work perfectly. Any ideas why?

It seems to work fine for a lot of people, common reasons why it may not work for your browser is anti-virus software incorrectly flagging the iframe or IPFS as malicious (its not for this site).

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thanks for the explanation. Any idea why I am able to bypass the issue when I turn on the vpn?

Not sure, I don’t use retail VPNs enough to guess really. But cool that is one way to use it.

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