Pulsex version of UniswapV2Library.sol

Is there a Pulsex/Pulsechain version of this contract? Does anyone have the address?

The uniswapv2 contract is here: v2-periphery/contracts/libraries/UniswapV2Library.sol at master · Uniswap/v2-periphery · GitHub

Is there a Pulsechain repository of contracts like that? That would be extremely useful for figuring out the pulsechain differences mentioned in the other posts. I couldn’t find anything similar in pulsechain’s gitlab repository.

Anytime I’ve needed the code or ABI I’ve had to pull it off the explorer.

I’m a fool, I had already downloaded the code from the explorer.

Here is a link to my github repository of the contracts I’ve downloaded and separated the ABI from the Code.

As always, verify the contracts on your own from the original sources. You don’t know me.


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