Where to find ABIs and smart contract source code

Goto https://scan.pulsechain.com.
Either follow the link or better yet, download and run it yourself. Read the docs.

Enter in a token or router address, for example the Pulsex Router 02:

Click on the ‘Contract’ button and all will be revealed.

If there are better options or resources, Please reply with them.

I wrote some code a while back using the HEX ABI for reference

and a blog post talking about it

Excellent, thank you.

There is a contract that I need the ABI for , but the pulsechain explorer always returns an error when I click on the contract. Is there another way to get the ABI?

For Ethereum tokens:

Go to etherscan and the token you want the ABI for, such as HEX

Then click the copy button opposite side of Contract ABI

For PulseChain:

Same deal, but for example I go to gorealdefi.com → click Explorer → type in HEX and see the green checkmark on the official contract then Click Contract, find Contract ABI and click copy

Thanks! I hadn’t seen that site before.

Same problem:
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Can a contract ABI be private? Is that the issue? It has the green checkmark. Also has the read and write functions available but I don’t know how to interact with that promaticly like the ABI.