Recently launched #defi platform carpe diem! [pension]

hi, PulseChain lovers! i am fairly new on the forum, but i thought Iā€™d give it a go :slight_smile:

this is an invitation to our recently launched #defi platform :balance_scale:

the team has been working on the launch for over a year, and is finally ready to get some feedback and survey going! :writing_hand:

pitch: carpe diem pension is a self-managed pension fund on PulseChain. users deposit $CDP to get pension shares, which rewards them with a passive income.

community with all the founders: Telegram: Contact @CarpeDiemCDP

to participate,

you need to install and configure a $PLS blockchain wallet.

we are looking for motivated PulseChain community members! :partying_face:

feel free to message me for any questions also!

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