DEFI Puzzle: 1 MILLION HEX to win

There is a pulsechain address holding 1 million HEX to grab if you can identify the correct 12 seed words conveyed by the attached picture.

Since it is -at this stage- near impossible to find the correct seed phrase, I thought it might be worthwhile to pool efforts by sharing ideas, insights and hints.

Twitter: defi_puzzle
Youtube: hexfutures
PLS Address: 0x2468e3576D94009F0Bd23795161E55d122d07dB6

IF you can identify the 12 correct seed words from the BIP39 list, there are 479.001.600 possible combinations for the seed phrase.
In this case, it is possible to brute force the correct seed phrase with a suitable script and some computational power.

Read more here: Guess My Seed Phrase: 12 Words Vs. 24 Words

The problem is that with the picture, you can come up with 40+ possible seed words which makes it quite impossible to solve until the organiser publishes more hints to narrow down words or order of words.

If you have any ideas or discovered clues, feel free to share them in this thread.

the first big clue by the creator eco builder was a youtube short that showed place markers of the 12 objects/seed words which reduces the potential words, but still leaves quite a few synonyms/alternatives:

check out the yt short here: